Dirt Bike Disaster

We are a full-time RVing family who loves adventure. However, there are some adventures that you have that really can’t be appreciated until after the dust settles (so to speak). One of those for us was when we were on our way to the Great Smoky Mountains. We had decided to try and leave early that day so that we could get to the campground before dark. This way we would not have to back in or set up while holding a flashlight — something that we have done more than I would like to admit. It would also give us time to do a little bit of exploring before our two girls had to go to bed. We left our campground in high spirits, even though the weather had decided a monsoon would be fun for us when we left; we knew that our next destination called for clear skies and warm days. My husband was behind the wheel, (but if I’m being honest, he’s always the one behind the wheel! I am not as comfortable as he is towing our rig) we were listening to an audio book, while our youngest daughter slept and our oldest daughter was watching a show. As we were driving down the freeway headed toward the Nashville area, we see this car speed up from beside us.

Normally, not a big deal, it happens all the time.

The car then cuts in front of us like a NASCAR driver trying to seal a win, but unlike in NASCAR, this driver begins to slow WAY down. Again, something that happens, it’s annoying, but it happens. The car then flips on its emergency flashers and acts like it is going to pullover. My husband at this point is annoyed, I am getting a little annoyed, and our daughter hearing us talking in frustration, takes off her head phones and begins to chime in about how inconsiderate the driver is being. As we discuss this motorists poor driving skills, the car begins to slowly swerve back in front of us. We began to wonder if the person was drunk or if they were just trying to cause an accident. We watched as the driver began to slowly work their way to the side of the road again, making sure to not leave enough room for us to pass safely. At this point I felt as though the driver was trying to get us to follow them. I told my husband to follow the car to the side of the road, hoping that we would not regret the decision.

Once we had pulled over, the woman who had been driving the other vehicle instantly hopped out and ran toward my side of the pick-up. I rolled down my window and over the rain that was coming down in buckets at the time I could hear her trying to tell us something about the bike. Now what you need to know is that my husband is a lover of all things fast and dangerous (I think that’s why he married someone his exact opposite, so that I could keep him alive). Before we started full-timing he decided to get a dirt bike. He loves this dirt bike. In fact, he loves it so much that we had to find a way to haul his two-wheeled mistress, let’s call her…Lucille. 

Something else that you should know is that we have a fifth wheel, not a toy hauler, so my husband in his infinite love for Lucille found a way to strap her to the back bumper and haul her butt with us wherever we go. We knew that Lucille bounced around a bit (she wouldn’t be a good mistress if she didn’t shake for attention once in a while). It was nothing new for someone to motion to us as they passed us on the road telling us that Lucille was doing her little highway jig. I’m telling you, that bike has an unhealthy need for attention!

I’m telling you, that bike has an unhealthy need for attention!

Anyways, hearing the word dirt bike as the woman walked toward us made me instantly start doing my “Oh, it’s just his mistress” nod and wave that I have perfected. However, this would not be the case. The woman continued to walk towards our pick-up adamant that there was something wrong. As she described what she saw my stomach dropped. She told us that she wasn’t sure if whatever we had attached to the back of the trailer was supposed to be sparking, but she just didn’t think that it looked right. At the word “sparking” my husband shot out of our pick-up like greased lightning! I thanked the woman for pulling us over and letting us know and then followed my husband to the back of our trailer. The sight that I beheld was hard for me to see because I imagined what could have happened. It was harder for my husband because his beloved Lucille was dangling like a stripper on a pole above the ground. Apparently as we were driving the brackets that were holding Lucille to the bumper had snapped. Leaving the only thing keeping Lucille from impending doom (AKA the black top and vehicles behind us) were a few tie downs.  

Unfortunately for us we did not have room to put Lucille in the RV (oh well, looks like were down one mistress! Did I mention my husband also loves computers and cameras? Yeah, we have at least five other mistresses riding with us). Fortunately for my husband, his aunt had bought us a year of AAA. Sitting on the side of the freeway, we called AAA. We sat there for thirty minutes waiting to talk to the right person. After having to call them back three times, we were finally able to tell the representative that we would need a tow truck to haul a dirt bike to a local Camping World. The woman seemed confused, but told us that a tow truck would be there to help us in about 30 minutes. When the tow truck arrived the man looked confused that all he had to haul was a dirt bike. Apparently the operator had told him that he should be prepared for a big truck or a little truck, she wasn’t exactly sure. He hauled us to Camping World where my husband was able to buy extra brackets to make sure that Lucille was nice and sturdy once again. He gave his mistress a thorough look over to make sure that she wasn’t going anywhere and then hoped in the pickup to continue our journey.

We are incredibly thankful for the woman who decided to help us that day. I’m even more grateful that no one got hurt, while my husband is breathing a sigh of relief that his blue-hued beauty is still alive and kicking.

While the day was not going as planned, it did not get any better.

It took longer than we had hoped for all of this to be resolved, meaning that instead of getting to our new destination by five we were now going to get there after ten. Tired, feeling a little defeated, and ready for the day to be over we pulled into the little Ma and Pa campground, hoping that we would somehow find someone to lead us to our spot. We get to the check-in area and my husband walks up to the door while I took care of our two exhausted children who were crying because they wanted to be in bed, but they didn’t want to go to bed. My husband knocked on the door, both of us hoping that someone might be there. Sadly, this was not so. I saw my husband turn around and give a defeated shrug. At the sight of that my heart sank. It looked like we were going to have to find a rest stop nearby and just come back in the morning. We couldn’t blame the campground, it was 10:30 after all. As my husband opened the driver’s door to get back into the pickup, we see a man stepping out of the office. He starts to tell us that normally they do not allow people to check in this late, when he stopped and asked us if we had a reservation. We told him yes, and then explained why we were so late getting there. Luck was finally on our side and the man kindly showed us to our spot, helped to shine a flashlight on the spot for us to see and made sure that there wasn’t anything else that we needed.

If there is one thing that we can say about becoming a part of the RV community, it’s that, for the most part, they are always there to lend a helping hand.

Story by: Ashley Chick – Thechickslife

Edited by: Ashley Chick

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