Bathroom Mix-up!

Traveling isn’t always glamorous, am I right? Travel days while RVing are not always going to be sunshine and roses. In fact, travel days hardly ever smell like roses. You try sitting for hours on end sometimes with the sun beating down on you and tell me how wonderful you smell when you get to your destination.

But I digress; let’s start from the beginning shall we?

It was a long day of traveling, my husband and I pulled into the campground ready to set up shop and then soak our weary bones. As we checked in the friendly campground host boasted about their “newly renovated bathhouse in Section D.” Hot diggity, this must be our lucky day! Unlimited hot water (not a luxury that you usually have in a camper) AND it was newly renovated, onward to section D, please! What was not told to us is that these newly renovated cleaning rooms of happiness were not just a quick hop, skip, and a jump away. Oh no, they were up steep hills and around several crazy corners.

In fact, had I known what I know now, we would not have driven past the other lovely sites that we did.

Once we picked our site, we set up and took a quick stroll up to the bathhouse to see what would await us when we took our showers after dinner. Visions of cleanliness and luxury (RV campground style luxury that is) danced in my head. When we arrived to the bathhouse my husband, Kent, entered to the left and I to the right. We both entered our places of nirvana and both simultaneously exited. Our vision of luxury shattered in an instant. We had been promised freshly renovated, which must mean something completely different in this neck of the woods. Newly renovated to me means fresh paint, maybe some new tile (or at least really clean grout), new toilets, showers with DOORS, etc…Newly renovated to them must have meant we installed new faucets the year we put the man on the moon, I guess I didn’t ask for the year they had renovated, lesson learned. The new shower curtains they had just put up to cover the dilapidated stalls were a nice touch, but that was honestly the only update I saw. Unless, the update was the urinal that they added to the ladies washroom, an odd touch if you ask me, but to each their own I guess.

After our bathroom disappointment, we sat down for a much needed dinner. It’s amazing what a good meal can do for your spirits. My husband and I decided to test out the “newly renovated” bathhouse and enjoy a long, hot shower. So, we gathered our things and made the trek back to Bathhouse D. Again, Kent entered to the left of the building and I entered to the right. Even with the disappointment that I felt my spirits were renewed with the unending hot water that cascaded out of the not-so-renovated shower spigot. Even though the ambience of the bathhouse was uninspiring the unlimited warm water was a welcomed friend. I was feeling so incredibly rejuvenated that I began to sing to my heart’s content. I must say that what the bathhouse lacked in luster, it made up for in acoustics. As I decided that I should bring my concert to a close and begin to dry off, I hear the voice of my loving husband.

I figured he was just calling for me to hurry up.

However, as I listened closer I hear him declare loudly, “Lisa! You’re in the wrong bathroom! This is the MEN’S room!” I guess that would explain the urinal, right? I attribute not making that connection in the first place to the long travel day we had just completed. Anyways, I grabbed my towel, quickly dried off, got dressed, and hustled my booty out that door. I must say that I am happy that I did not have anyone walk in while I provided a concert for the men’s bathroom. I guess I will never know if I scared off some unsuspecting man thinking he was going to get as lovely of a shower as I was having! But what I can say is you are welcome for the concert!

The other thing that I will leave you with is, always, and I do mean ALWAYS check the label on the bathroom door. Check it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

Submitted by Lisa @livinglightrv

Edited By: Ashley Chick

2 thoughts on “Bathroom Mix-up!

  1. Thank’s for the smile (;-} you made my day!


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