Electrical Near Miss

Buying a camper is a huge commitment, for many it’s going to be the place where they spend A LOT of time! Hours are spent scrolling webpages and facebook groups looking for ways to organize, beautify and make that tiny home your own. What you hope to never experience though is the dark side… the hidden problems, the potential for mold, leaks, broken slides, levelers that don’t level, and whatever else. However, the one thing we all fear whether you live in sticks, bricks, or automobiles is your house possibly catching on fire!

Two weeks after moving into our 1997 fifth wheel, we kept having severe power issues, lights dimming, fuses MELTING, breaker tripping every time we tried to use anything. I mean…WTF?!? Why is my RV trying to kill me?

One night we come home to absolutely nothing working, but the breaker was still intact. We were seriously freaked out that our new home was going to burn down with us inside. Frantic with worry we had no idea what to do, so, we did what any sane person would do- we unplugged! We called all over trying to locate an electrician with time to come out ASAP- I mean, come one, this is our house and were terrified. Alas, no electricians were available. We tried EVERYWHERE! After 3 days of keeping the rig unplugged, we finally got an electrician.

He walked inside our RV to do an inspection and we quickly exited waiting anxiously outside hovering while the electrician did his thing. We paced back and forth, trying not to peer in and watch over his shoulder too much (okay, we might of been trying to learn a few things for the future, an RVer has to do what an RVer has to do!)

After giving his inspection the electrician comes out and shows us this…

SCARY! This is not something that ANY person wants to see! But what is this you may ask…

Well, this melted/corroded piece of metal is the 30 amp main plug for the entire rig.

We had been plugging the fifth wheel in, running power through this melted, deformed plug totally oblivious to what was going on.

With all the lights dimming, fuses melting and breakers tripping we were SOOOOO lucky.

But how the heck can my plug look like that? Was that what happens when they just get old? Was it leaking and it allowed it to melt somehow? Power surge???- my mind was racing as I worried about whether the rest of the electrical in our rig was safe for human habitation.

The electrician thought maybe the power pole it used to be on got hit by lightning at some point which caused the issue at the main plug, and luckily for us the rest of the electrical was intact and safe. The main plug was replaced and we were able to finally relax in our new home- well kind of, the mattresses they put stock in RVs are SERIOUSLY lacking!

Submitted by:Bobby and Emily @misterminimal2

Edited by Melissa Scheltgen and Ashley Chick

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