Not Your Average RV Sh*t Story!

Traveling full-time with a pet is no different than living with your pet in sticks and bricks. Your pet still needs to go for walks, they still have to be let outside to go to the bathroom (you hope), and like any other pet owner, you talk about their…shall we say…morning constitutionals. We are no different; we love our little 11 year old girl, Izzie, even when she’s the reason for our horror story!

It was a Tuesday my husband, Ryan, and I will never forget. Ryan woke up early to take Izzie for a walk and then start working. After their morning jaunt he walks in and says, “Wow, Izzie pooped A LOT this morning!”

Yup! We’re those dog parents!

A little later around nine, I begin to write in my journal and do a little yoga. While I am enjoying my workout Izzie walks over and decides to unleash the beast (aka. doggie diarrhea, it really is the worst) just a few short steps away from my mat. Huh, that’s not like her, I think to myself, but figure something just didn’t agree with her and continue on with the day.

We took her for a walk a little after lunch knowing that we would be gone for the afternoon and wanting to let her get out since she would be inside the rest of the day. During the walk we notice that she is walking a little funny, but figured she was feeling all of her eleven years that day. Other than the funky walk, there was nothing out of the normal.

At four o’clock Ryan and I had massages planned at Akela spa in Sturgis. We were so excited. We had read amazing reviews on the outdoor garden with hot tubs and a sauna in a Tee-Pee! So, we decided to leave a little early in order to enjoy all the spa had to offer. Before we leave Ryan asked me if we should pull up the rugs incase Izzie has any bowel issues again. I think he is crazy, she has been fine since I was doing yoga earlier.

So, we leave, blissfully unaware of our fate!

The massages and the garden were absolutely wonderful. They were so great in fact that on the way home Ryan and I talked about how relaxed we were and that we wanted to go to bed early. We may even watch a little TV because we hadn’t in a week! 

We pulled up to the RV and Ryan goes to open the door and prepares for Izzie to run out like she normally does. When she doesn’t, that is his first hint that something is wrong. The second hint was the blow you over, make you vomit smell that offended the nose the second the door created the lovely wafting breeze that hits your face like a Mack truck!  I, luckily, was still in the jeep finishing an email and can hear him yelling. I walk over to the RV door and the smell whips me back. Izzie looks like she has been through hell.


Without going into too much detail, I will explain all the locations the explosion of feces is found. I threw everything that is covered out the door. This includes her dog bed, our large rug, small rug, and her collar and leash that were on the floor. It was also up the walls, that was a fun surprise. It isn’t until the next day that Ryan realizes she had also gone all over the front rug in the chassis.

Back to that night, Izzie is unable to control herself until about midnight, so, we complete our relaxing evening with a fire outside so we can stay with her. Fortunately we had met a couple a week before this event from Arkansas, Wade and Doris. They were a huge help because they brought by a syringe, Pepto, and white rice. Ryan slept with Izzie on the floor and each day she got a little better. See, with this lifestyle the black tank isn’t the only poop you need to worry about! 

Submitted by: Monique from @livelowflyhigh

Written by: Ashley Chick

2 thoughts on “Not Your Average RV Sh*t Story!

  1. Hi Mo, What an amazing story. I was laughing out loud while reading. Hope Izzy and the RV are doing much better. Hope the smell has left the vehicle by now. Well written and very funny!! Enjoy


    1. Aww, Thanks so much Michael. We really appreciate you taking the time to read our stories!
      Don’t forget to share your own with us if any happen, and remember… sh*t happens!


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